Why Xelogen?

For years the lighting industry has been searching for a solution to the Halogen lamp problems, the search is now over....

THHC Lighting, the originator of miniature xenon lamps is pleased to introduce Xelogen, the next step in the filament lamp evolution. Through years of research and development, THHC Lighting has developed a new light source, which will revolutionize the filament lamp industry. Lamps engineered based on the Xelogen light source retain all the advantages of halogen lamps currently on the market while eliminating the disadvantages...

Are you tired of replacing your halogen lamps every 2000 hours?
With the arrival of Xelogen, your headaches are gone. Lamps based on the Xelogen technology last up to 20,000 hours*, drastically reducing the labor cost of lamp replacement.

Installing halogen lamps a hassle?
Most people feel that halogen lamps are difficult to install due to the fact that touching them with bare hands would severely reduce the life hours. Lamps based on Xelogen technology can be handled with bare hands with no effect on lamp life.

Unstable voltage output causing problems?
The marine industry has been experiencing premature burn outs for years because halogen lamps burnout easily with unstable voltage output in boats. People in the marine industry that had the opportunity to try Xelogen lamps instantly fell in love with them because Xelogen lamps are much more tolerant when dealing with unstable voltages resulting in longer life.

Do you have lamp fixtures around sensitive fabric or artwork?
The UV rays from halogen lamps can seriously damage fabrics and artworks. Xelogen lamps do not emit damaging UV rays, which make it ideal for highlighting sensitive fabric and artworks.

High pressure characteristic of halogen lamps giving you concerns?
One of the biggest issues with existing halogen lamps is its high-pressure characteristic, leading to safety concerns. Having to put a cover on the lamp interferes with lamp design and adds additional cost to the production process. Unlike halogen lamps, lamps utilizing Xelogen technology is low-pressured, like incandescent lamps, it is a lot safer.

On top of all the above advantages, Xelogen¡¦s vertical filament design distributes light evenly. Unlike halogen, Xelogen lamps do not create shadows or rings on glass shades. The introduction of Xelogen has taken filament lamps to the next level; Xelogen is the light source of the next millennium.


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