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Xelogen- ¡¥the next step in the filament lamp evolution¡¦ is now available from Rockden Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong (January 31, 2004) ¡V Rockden Co., Ltd and THHC Lighting, the world¡¦s largest supplier of xenon lamps and the developers of the Xelogen light source, is now working together to offer high quality Xelogen Series bulbs with greater availability and better service catered to the needs of the Asian market. Through this agreement, Rockden Co., Ltd, with its operations based in Hong Kong, will be distributing all Xelogen series bulbs, which includes: Xenon Festoon, Xenon Rigid Loop, Xenon Wedge Base, G4 Xenon bi-pin, GY6.35 Xenon bi-pin, and the new 120V lamps to customers located in Asia. This, in term, will provide Asia-based customers with timely delivery and faster service.


The Xelogen Series is a high performance light source that designers worldwide have grown to love and trust. Dubbed ¡§the halogen solution,¡¨ the Xelogen series have resolved many of the problems that lighting designers have encountered working with halogen bulbs. Some of these advantages compared to halogen bulbs include: longer lamp life, less heat produced, and no emission of UV rays. In additional to these advantages, Xelogen bulbs can be handled with bear hands and are dimmable without shortening lamp life.  The Xelogen Series comes in a wide variety of configurations,  for more details please visit


Located in City of Industry, CA, THHC Lighting has been supplying the lighting industry all over the world with high quality xenon lamps for the past 15 years. With extensive research and development, THHC introduced the special formula Xelogen, which became very popular with many of the top lighting designers and manufacturers.
Rockden Co., Ltd, located in Hong Kong SAR, will be handling operations in Asia, including the distribution and marketing of Xelogen series bulbs. For more information of Rockden Co., Ltd please visit

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